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Teaming Partners

BRCI Corp. is a well-known and highly capable partner with Delta Point. BRCI has developed a mission to help government agencies, municipal organizations, and commercial businesses achieve a safe and secure infrastructure by delivering world class IT consultation, security solutions, project management, and professional training. Domain experience of BRCI includes physical security, camera and RFID solutions.


Copper River Management Company and its subsidiaries are a premier Delta Point LLC partner. Copper River has deep domain expertise across Federal and Commercial Enterprises, where they leverage best practices and operational expertise in many technology fields.

Globelink Telecom is a premier partner for Delta Point LLC and offers design, installation, and commissioning of the complete range of components in wireless telecommunications networks. GlobeLink turnkeys installation for full project life cycle to the cut-over of traffic to long term maintenance including network design, path engineering, site acquisition, tower construction, antenna installation, and radio installation to the demarcation point. GlobeLink commissions and test’s systems from 800 MHz to 40 GHz.

SEM - Security Engineered Machinery Co. Inc.  is the undisputed leader in data elimination for classified and highest sensitivity information, providing high security data destruction devices to the United States federal government and its subsidiaries. The SEM and Delta Point team’s solution provide clients comprehensive methods to Degauss, Crush, Shred and Disintegrate materials for effective data elimination. Today, we build upon that standard of excellence by supplying the military, intelligence, and federal law enforcement communities including the FBI, DoD, CIA, and Department of Securities and Exchanges with unparalleled machines that shred, disintegrate, destroy, and sanitize the highest levels of classified data stored on every type of media.

TechnoGen Inc is our partner with experience in Managed Services, Cloud Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Big Data Analytics. IT workforce and consulting services are designed to augment the client's teams with skilled team members who can deliver. All services performed with TGI’s Management Consulting team using Totally Quality Management system (TQM). The focus is solely on fulfilling customer needs and preferences. 

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