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Business Meeting


Delta Point is pleased to share its expertise in augmenting your staff with security, IT infrastructure and project management resources for long- or short-term basis.  We aim to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies through technological innovation.

No matter the project intensity, contracting our trained talent to meet your requirements is our goal while meeting timelines and staying on budget.

Image by Scott Webb

Security Systems

The Delta Point Team has significant capability in the physical security arena. Click above to find out more.

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Delta Point has teamed with Cybersecurity solution providers to deliver our clients a comprehensive security strategy combining industry-leading best practices and vertical focused assessments.

Team Meeting

Program Management

The Delta Point Team provides program management services allowing our Federal Agency customers to execute projects through entire lifecycle on time and under budget.


This approach allows the agency the benefits of external expertise, cost management, and risk mitigation so they can concentrate existing resources on their core operations.

Image by Thomas Jensen


The Delta Point team has extensive knowledge of cloud architectures allowing us to support enterprises and service providers alike. We design and build Data Center, cloud, and IX infrastructure to deliver the services matching their needs while decreasing capital costs, optimizing technology infrastructure spend, and improving network agility, security and flexibility.

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